Mystic Dream Center

Applying ancient ways to modern times

What is the Mystic Dream Center and who is Susan Morgan?

Susan Morgan spent many years exploring her own Dreams  through shamanic methods,  after being formally trained by Robert Moss.  Her enthusiasm for Dreams, and the healing and growth that can come from a deeper understanding of what we do in our Dreams, prompted her to create The Mystic Dream Center.  The Mystic Dream Center is a 501 C non profit dedicated to empowering individuals through a deepening relationship with their Dreams.  This is an ancient and sacred art and our World benefits ( and is desperately in need of)  more conscious Dreamers.  The Mystic Dream Center is also focused on training Dream Teachers who can reach out to their communities to spread the knowledge of this powerful gift.  Also, The Mystic Dream Center is in the Grant process to reach out to Veterans with PTSD, people in recovery, and people looking to integrate back into society after incarceration.

Come spend some time in a Dream Circle and see if you too can see your life from a wider perspective filled with choices and opportunities.


september, 2016

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