6 Part Exploration in Shamanism


A Series of workshops designed to build awareness of multiple levels of consciousness through the ancient method of shamanism.


Power Animals; Building a Relationship

A working relationship for life enhancement

Elemental Connections

Authentically connect with the Powers of

Fire, Earth, Air and Water

Internal Balance of the Male and Female

Recognizing and balancing the polarity within ourselves

Native American Dreamwork

Ancient and sacred methods for accessing the Dreamworld

Quantum Physics and Shamanism

Expanded states of awareness and reality

Shamanic Methods of Rebirth

Multi-cultural practices for rebirthing a new life

Location ( New England) and Dates will be coming soon!  Spring and Summer of 2017

Each Workshop is held monthly and from 11:00 to 5:00

A discount is applied for the entire series or you can pay by workshop.

$133 per workshop

$699 if paid in full for the entire series.  A savings of $99!